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​Last updated: Jan. 03, 2017

Most manufacturers of consumer walkie-talkies list ranges of 30 miles or more for their products. However, you only get that performance under ideal circumstances, when there is a direct line of sight between your devices with no obstructions.

It is however not very likely that you will be using your walkie-talkie under these ideal conditions. You probably want to use your walkie-talkies for things like skiing or hunting, and in these situations there will most likely be lots of obstructions like trees or buildings, which will dramatically reduce the range of your walkie-talkies. Realistically you should not expect an effective range of more than 1 or 2 miles for consumer radios.

​So what you need is a walkie-talkie with a good range. Generally speaking the best long distance walkie-talkies are the ones with the most power, so this article contains some of the more powerful consumer walkie-talkies available. So read on to find the best long range walkie-talkie for your needs.

The Best Long Distance Walkie-Talkies

Our Rating
Uniden GMR5095 [ Our #1 Choice ]
50-Mile Range
​Midland GXT1000VP4
36-Mile Range
​​Cobra microTalk CXR925
35-Mile Range
​​Motorola MR350R
35-Mile Range
​​Kenwood TK-3402
7-Mile Range

Long Range Walkie-Talkie Reviews

​There are some great walkie-talkies available on the market and here we review some of the best models with a long range that are worth checking out.

​Uniden GMR5095

​If you search for long distance walkie-talkies you will definitely come across the Uniden GMR5000. Uniden is a popular brand in the world of electronics and they  have completely outdone themselves by producing this amazing walkie-talkie.

Uniden GMR5095

This walkie-talkie has an incredible listed range of over 50 miles. So if you take it with you on a camping trip you will be able to stay connected with the world no matter where you go. With this device you can access various channels and receive local alerts through the NOAA channels.​

Not only does this walkie-talkie have a great range but it also has a tough body and a compact design so that you can easily take it with you anywhere without damaging it. 

The Uniden GMR5095 also has great battery life, but even if it runs out on you it comes with rechargeable batteries that you can replace easily. It is an incredible device and you will definitely not regret buying one.

​Midland GXT1000VP4

​Among some of the best long range walkie-talkies is the Midland GXT1000VP4. This walkie-talkie is one of the more popular walkie-talkies currently available. It has a high power output, which results in an effective range up to 2 miles under many different circumstances.

Midland GXT1000VP4

You can not only use it communicate with your friends on a hiking trip, but this device can also be used in the areas where your phone doesn’t have reception.

Some of the other notable features of the Midland GXT1000VP4 are: great clarity, weather channels and alerts, hands-free mode, silent mode, group mode and lots more.

The Midland GXT1000VP4 is among the best walkie-talkies available today. Buy this amazing model now and you will not regret investing in it.

​Cobra microTalk CXR925

​Another good long range walkie-talkie is the Cobra microTALK CXR925. Known for its range and providing crystal-clear communication, this walkie-talkie is the perfect choice for taking with you on long trips.

Cobra CXR925

Despite its small and lightweight design the Cobra microTALK CXR925 delivers a wonderful amount of power. It has an effective range between 1.5 to 2 miles in many different environments. And because the Cobra microTALK CXR925 uses Lithium batteries it also has excellent battery life.

With several other amazing features such as NOAA weather channels, privacy codes and Rewind-Say-Again this walkie-talkie with it's compact design and powerful specs will be an amazing choice to take on your next trip.

​Motorola MR350R

​A great contender in the list of best long range walkie-talkies is the Motorola MR350R. The brand Motorola is known worldwide in producing high quality communication devices.

Motorola MR350R

The Motorola MR350R also has some of the most amazing features you will find in any walkie-talkie. Even though it is not one of the most powerful walkie-talkies available, it still has an effective range of about 1.5 miles under many different circumstances.

The Motorola MR350R is lightweight and rugged, with extra-large buttons to help you operate it even with gloves on, which makes it very suitable for outdoor use.

This walkie-talkie works even in those areas where your phone fails you and you can use it no matter where you go.

​Kenwood TK-3402

​If you are looking for a good long range walkie-talkie then you should also check out the Kenwood TK-3402. This device is technically a business radio and not a consumer walkie-talkie. But if you really need more than 1 to 2 miles of range it is an excellent choice.

Kenwood TK-3402

A walkie-talkie provides better communication if it has powerful batteries. The power of the walkie-talkie relates directly to the range on which it is able to transmit signal. Due to its high power output of 5 watts the Kenwood TK-3402 can deliver up to 2 to 3 miles of effective range.

When it comes to range The Kenwood TK-3402 is far superior to the lower cost consumer walkie-talkies, however, it comes with a considerably higher price tag.

But you will not be disappointed by this amazing walkie-talkie, so if you don’t mind spending a little extra on a high quality product then this walkie-talkie is definitely for you.

​Buying Guide

There are certain things you need to consider when you set out to buy a new long distance walkie-talkie and here are some factors that will help you find the perfect device for yourself.


The most important thing in any walkie-talkie is the performance. All walkie-talkies are designed according to the range they can work on. For a wider range, the device is made more powerful with stronger batteries. Although you can find several walkie-talkies that claim they can transmit over a long range, you should look for a device that is powerful and has a great performance so that your device will be able to function as well as you want it to.

For some more in-depth information ​on walkie-talkie and two-way radio ranges you should check out the following video:

Battery Life

When you set out to buy a walkie-talkie you also need to check if the device has a good battery life or not. There is no point in having a long range walkie-talkie when it keeps running out of battery power after using them for a short amount of time. And since walkie-talkies need more power if they are able to cover larger distances they will run out of power even faster!

Additional features

When you set out to buy a long distance walkie-talkie you also need to see whether or not it has all the other features you want in your device. There are some good two-way radios available that come with specs such as privacy codes and noise cancellation. Other features to look for is whether or not your device can receive weather and news alerts and is able to receive signals from different types of channels, such as FRS and GMRS.


​Long range walkie-talkies are the perfect choice for people who love hiking and traveling to difficult terrain. There are many models available on the market of which the manufacturers claim that they work over long ranges, but not all of these walkie-talkies live up to these claims.

So if you are looking for a good long distance walkie-talkie then you should do a little research before buying one. You should look for the model that fits all your requirements and not only works well in ideal conditions but also allows you to communicate in tough areas. If you do a little research you can easily find a good walkie-talkie with an excellent range.

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