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Walkie-talkies are extremely popular devices for hunters. Maybe you are considering purchasing a walkie-talkie for your next hunting adventure. However, not all devices are created the same way with the same features. We did some research to help you in your search for the best walkie-talkie for hunting.

For people just looking for a recommendation we will start of this article with two of our favorites walkie-talkies for hunters. After that, we will discuss the aspects you have to consider when you want to search yourself for the right device for your hunting needs.

Midland GXT 1050VP4

The Midland GXT 1050VP4 radios come in a rugged, weatherproof Moss Oak Camo finish that makes them the perfect accessory for a hunter. They have excellent range and battery life, support weather channels, and alerts and come with a vehicle charging adapter and two hands-free (VOX) capable headsets.

Midland GXT 1050VP4 review


Motorola MS355R

The Motorola MS355R was specifically designed for hunters. It comes with a camouflage finish, it has good sound quality, it comes with two earbuds with Push-To-Talk microphones and an extended antenna to provide you with that little bit of extra range. But the most remarkable feature of the Motorola MS355R is probably that the devices are fully waterproof, they will continue to function after being submerged in water and they even float!


Things to consider for the best walkie-talkie for hunting

The remainder of this article will discuss some aspects you should consider when you are looking for a walkie-talkie to use when you go hunting.


You will need to communicate over long distances with your walkie-talkie. Thick woods and trees can cause disturbances in the radio frequencies. High-end models of walkie-talkies can help you communicate with fellow hunters up to a mile away even in the densest forests. You don’t want to lose communication with your friends and family when you’re tracking deer together.

Quality headset support

You want to hear the other people talking, but you don’t want the animals you’re hunting to hear anything. A good headset will allow you and your walkie-talkie partners to hear each other even when you’re speaking very softly into the microphones.

You also want to make sure the headset fits comfortably so that your hunting experience is as easy as possible. You can find headsets in different camouflage colors to blend in with your outfit and your environment.

Battery life

How long does your walkie-talkie stay powered up without charging it? This is an important aspect to consider. When you’re out in the woods, you won’t find any places to charge your walkie-talkie. Look for models with longer battery life.

You can also search for walkie-talkies that can be powered by standard AA or AAA batteries if the rechargeable battery goes dead. These models can truly make a big difference in your hunting trips.

NOAA weather notifications

The weather can change quickly during hunting season. Your walkie-talkie should give you some information about the weather conditions in your area. Different temperatures can cause behavioral changes in the animals you’re hunting. Precipitation can be a real game changer. You can use the weather to your advantage or call it an early day with help from your walkie-talkie.

Walkie-talkies help hunters find the animals they are looking for. They also keep hunters safe when they communicate with friends and family in the area. Be sure to shop around for different models and different prices. You’ll find the right walkie-talkie for you when you venture out into the woods to claim your prize.


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