Best Walkie-Talkie For Seniors And Elderly

Senior Man Using A Walkie-Talkie

Seniors can benefit greatly from walkie-talkie systems. This is especially true if the seniors struggle with dementia or mobility issues. Seniors often require special attention from their children and caretakers. They must be able to communicate quickly and effortlessly to let people know they need assistance.

Walkie-talkie devices can come in handy for seniors who struggle with the technology of cell phones. You can use the following products and tips for buying the best walkie-talkie for seniors and elderly.

Motorola MR350R

The Motorola MR350R radios are lightweight, simple to use, have large buttons and are reasonably priced. The amount of coverage for the low price simply cannot be beaten. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a walkie-talkie that is reliable and ensures safety at a price you can afford.

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Cobra Electronics CXT 145

The Cobra Electronics CXT 145 is a good fit for elderly because of its ease of use, excellent battery life, fast recharge capability and the large buttons. It delivers very good quality and reliability at an affordable price.



Things to consider for the best walkie-talkie for seniors and elderly

The remainder of this article will discuss some aspects you should consider when you are looking for a walkie-talkie for seniors and elderly.

Large buttons

Elderly often struggle with dexterity. Their fingers may be sore from arthritis or similar conditions. They need a walkie-talkie system that has large buttons. Larger buttons make communication so much easier for seniors with disabilities. They’ll be able to press the buttons and reach out to you whether you’re inside or outside.

The comfort of your voice will help the senior feel better while they navigate their daily lives. Make sure to find a walkie-talkie with buttons large enough to be used by seniors. They will appreciate how simple communication can be when they need to get your attention from another part of the house.


A senior’s walkie-talkie must be reliable to help them in their daily lives. This means you must find a walkie-talkie that can take a bit of a beating. Don’t buy a system that will break the first time it is dropped or pushed off a table.

You must also find a walkie-talkie device that can hold a lot of battery power. Seniors may forget to charge the walkie-talkie or change the batteries. The walkie-talkie must be ready to go when they need it. Search for the most reliable system you can find for the seniors in your life.

Reception and clarity

The walkie-talkie must deliver good sound quality when you speak into the microphone. People with good hearing can have trouble with walkie-talkies at times. Elderly often have a lot of trouble hearing in their daily lives.

You must find the system that allows them to hear the messages as clearly as possible. These will be the most helpful walkie-talkie systems for the seniors. Try a few different systems before you commit to buying them. You might be surprised how many different styles of walkie-talkies are on the market today.

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