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Best CB Radio

Best CB Radio 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Last updated: May 1, 2018​CB radios, also known as citizens band radios, are designed for short-distance communication. They’re commonly used by truck drivers, but the best CB radio is the one that fits your unique needs. The market for short-distance radios has grown in recent years, and there are some advanced features that make communicating with […]

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Best Handheld CB Radio

The Best Handheld CB Radio 2019

Last updated: May 1, 2018How do you select the best handheld CB radio for your intended use? As the market becomes more cluttered, you have more options but also a bit more confusion. We know how hard it is to select one radio that meets all of your expectations, so we created this guide to help […]

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Best CB Radio For Truckers

The Best CB Radio for Truckers 2019

Last updated: May 1, 2018With a growing radio market, how do you identify the best CB radio for truckers? While there are many options, some quality radios don’t hold up to the expectations of a trucker who depends on their CB radio for important communications. Whether you’re buying your first CB radio as a new truck […]

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Do People Still Use CB Radios

Do People Still Use CB Radios?

Whenever someone says the word CB, one of the first things they probably imagine is the song “Convoy,” which became the trucker anthem in 1975. While many things have changed in the trucking industry like how electronic logs will soon replace the swindle sheets, the CB radio remains one piece of technology that will likely […]

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What Is SWR

What Is SWR? Standing Wave Ratio Explained

What Is SWR? Standing Wave Ratio ExplainedWhat does the abbreviation SWR mean and why is this something important to know? SWR stands for Standing Wave Ratio. Radio enthusiasts use a SWR meter so that they can measure exactly how efficiently the transmit power signal is being emitted from a transceiver, or radio, as it travels […]

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What Is SSB Radio

What Is SSB Radio? Single Sideband Explained

In radio communications, SSB or Single Side Band modulation is a type of modulation used to transmit information like audio signals through radio waves. As a form of refined amplified modulation, SSB uses transmitter bandwidth and power more efficiently. Amplitude modulation creates an output signal with twice the bandwidth of original baseband signals. Single Sideband modulation […]

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How To Use A CB Radio

How To Use A CB Radio – Everything You Need To Know

How To Use A CB Radio – Everything You Need To KnowOperating a CB radio is a lot of fun. In a world where technology has moved far beyond this form of communication, you would think that people aren’t really using citizen band radios anymore. Yet they are a niche trend that transcends technology and […]

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What Does CB Radio Stand For

What Does CB Radio Stand For – Do You Know?

What Does CB Radio Stand For – Do You Know?Do you know what CB Radio stands for? We’ve all seen movies where truckers use their handy CB radios to relate urgent and nearly incomprehensible shorthand messages to other truckers across the country. What are they saying and in fact, what is CB? Citizen band radio, or […]

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Do Truckers Still Use CB Radios

Do Truckers Still Use CB Radios?

With the advent of 4G wireless networks and the increasing integration of smart technology into every aspect of life, the fates of a good many “old guard” communications systems are understandably up in the air. This really hit home for most people when pagers and large-scale use of fax machines surreptitiously vanished in the last […]

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Best SSB CB Radio

The Best SSB CB Radio 2019

Last updated: May 1, 2018The best SSB CB radio will give you more reach than a standard CB radio, but selecting the right model is essential. If you already have a high-quality CB and want to upgrade to something more powerful, a Single Side Band model is a good pick. We understand how difficult it is […]

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Best Compact CB Radio

The Best Compact CB Radio 2019

Last updated: May 1, 2018How do you find the best compact CB radio? Today’s market offers some amazing older models that have been selling off the shelves for generations as well as more modern models with innovative features. It can take time to gain an understanding of all CB radios currently offered and then select the […]

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