FM Transmitter App For Android

FM Transmitter App For Android

​Cellular phones or smartphones as we like to call them, have become an invincible part of our lives and apart from calling and other useful functions, they carry our favorite songs which we can enjoy on the go. However, if your car audio does not have the latest gadgetry or technology, it is difficult to connect it to the phone to listen to the songs on it.

In the latter case, there are two options; buy an FM Transmitter, download an FM Transmitter app, or do both.

While FM Transmitters are pretty cheap, understandably, some folks don’t want to buy them for various reasons. In such cases, an FM Transmitter app on your phone can prove to be a blessing. The only prerequisite is that your phone will need to have the have an FM-transmitter system installed on it.

Let us take a look at the top FM Transmitter apps available on the Play store.

TuneLink Auto

The TuneLink Auto app has very nifty features and works with the TuneLink Auto Bluetooth device. Using it, you can connect your android device to your in-car audio system through Bluetooth. It operates over FM and can also connect to your car’s auxiliary input.

TuneLink Auto is extremely reliable and does not get disconnected often like some of the other competing ones. It is a plug and play device that also has a USB port to charge your phone.

MyTuner FM Radio

MyTuner FM Radio is another popular app that has a very useful search feature that allows you to search through names of the songs, genres, locations and so on. There are more than 150 countries that the app receives signals from in addition to your local channels.

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There are some interesting bits as well. You can read news from within the app, share the stations you like on social media, set up alarm to wake up to the tune of a particular radio station. If variety is your thing, this app is a great pick.

Car Home Ultra

Car Home Ultra is a very capable app that plays most of the channels out there be it, MP3, M3U, PLS, AAP, and ACP and claims to help you drive safely (with a few disclaimers). It displays the time, weather conditions, current location and so on.

It can also automatically turn on or off wifi and Bluetooth when the app is started.  The connectivity is very efficient.

The app also gets regular updates and has a very responsive customer service. It is one of the reasons why it remains one of the top downloadable apps for FM Transmitters.  

However, there are a few issues as well. The screen turns off or locks itself when on a call. Unless you are on the Homepage of the app, you don’t get speed alarms and so on.  Finally, it does not record/display speeds over 100 kmph and simply displays 00.

We hope you find the app that works best for you and helps you enjoy music both on the phone as well as on the go.

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