Law Books And Gavel

Are Police Scanners Legal?

In general police scanners are legal and can be used, however, they must be utilized in certain ways that are not considered unlawful. It would be obvious to say that they cannot be used to assist in committing a crime. Drug dealers listening in on the position of the police in order to know if […]

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Truck Driver Talking On A CB Radio

CB Radio Lingo

CB radio users have developed their own distinct form of communication which is used to communicate with the CB community. As in all languages, slang plays a predominant role in getting the message across, and the CB radio users incorporate their own unique slang lingo. Nicknames are known as “Handles”, and many truckers will refer […]

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Police Scanner

What is a Police Scanner?

A police scanner is as communications receiver mainly used for monitoring VHF and UHF radio systems. Moreover, these scanners have the ability to store an immense amount of channels and can also tune in to various types of transmitting signals. Police scanners play a major role in journalism and criminal investigation and also allow individuals, […]

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CB Radio

What is CB Radio?

A CB radio, also known as a citizens band radio is a two-way radio which is intended for both business and personal use. CB radio is based on a system of short-distance radio communication between individuals on a collection of 40 channels in AM or SSB mode, however, you can only communicate with other SSB radios […]

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Best CB Radio

Best CB Radio 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Last updated: Mar. 28, 2017 Citizens band radios, or CB radios, is a network of radio communications between individuals commonly on a collection of 40 channels using the 27 MHz band. They are specially designed for transmissions that cover short distances. Being a two-way radio, it can be shared by many users, though only one […]

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Ham radio station

Everything You Need to Know About HAM Radio Q-Codes

The aim of Q-codes is to make communication in Morse code faster. A Q-code consists of letters and begins with the letter “Q”. HAM radio users can simply send a sequence of three letters to represent a longer message. This eliminates the needs for sending out lengthy sentences, and is far more effective. There are tons of […]

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Best Police Scanner

Best Police Scanner 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Last updated: Mar. 28, 2017 With upgraded weapons, armor and vehicles, law enforcement agencies and police departments around the world are able to crackdown on crime effectively. Along with the various innovative types of equipment used for this purpose is the police scanner, which is a radio communications system and an essential gadget.A police scanner […]

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Captain On The Radio

Marine Radio Operating Procedure

If you own, or have just obtained a VHF marine radio, then give yourself a pat on the back first, as you have taken a vital step towards being safer and more efficient while out in the open water. Now what’s needed is a thorough understanding of the operating procedures. With that said, let’s go […]

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Ham Radio Enthusiast

HAM Radio License

If you are planning on getting a HAM radio, it’s important to know that a license is required. The reason is because the FCC developed this service with the aim of creating a pool, or group, of experts who could provide assistance in times of emergencies. Therefore, having these licenses is a big deal and requires […]

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Best VHF Marine Radio Antennas

VHF Marine Radio Antenna: Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

​Last updated: Feb. 16, 2017The design and quality of a VHF marine radio’s antenna can have a considerable impact on its abilities. The antennas height, shape and placement affect the radio’s range and transmission capabilities. Even the most superior marine radios can’t perform effectively without a top-notch, well-constructed antenna.Many people obtain radios with cutting-edge features […]

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