Ham radio operator

What is a HAM Radio?

In today’s day and age, the internet has become a primary means of communication. We use it, together with smartphones, to connect with people on a global scale. It has absolutely revolutionized the world we live in. However, the hype has diminished slowly over the years, and today we simply carry on communicating in a monotonous manner. […]

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Best Ham Radio

Best Ham Radio 2017 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Last updated: Mar. 28, 2017 The ham radio is a groundbreaking device that has revolutionized the way we communicate. We are all too familiar with internet and cellphones as primary sources of communication today, but let’s be honest, talking on the phone and writing e-mails can be somewhat dull at times. Ham radios offer a […]

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Supplies For A Power Outage

Emergency Radio Power Sources

Emergency radios are very dynamic pieces of communications equipment and can be operated by way of numerous power sources. Let’s face it, no matter how effective your radios is, or how accustomed you are to its features, you can’t rely on it without power. Therefore, always opt for a radio with sufficient, even numerous power […]

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Coast Guard On Stormy Sea

What is Digital Selective Calling (DSC)?

You can never be too safe out at sea. Weather disasters can occur in the water as often as they do on dry land. The difference is that in the ocean, most of the time, you are alone and isolated. This is where Digital Selective Calling comes into play. It keeps boaters and sailors safe while […]

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Pleasure Boat On A River

What is the Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS)?

If you head out into European water often, then familiarizing yourself with the Automatic Transmitter Identification System (ATIS) is essential. All vessels voyaging though European waterways are required to utilize this system. In fact, it’s the law. So, in order to avoid any misunderstandings, let’s take a look at what ATIS is all about. What is ATIS? […]

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Bad Weather Ahead Sign

What is Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME)?

If you are someone that ventures out into areas prone to dangerous weather and looking into purchasing an emergency radio, then you may have heard of Specific Area Message Encoding, or SAME. You most certainly are familiar with its importance as well. There’s no doubt that SAME is a lifesaver and crucial for all potentially […]

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What is an Emergency Radio?

We have become so dependent on power, that it’s unsettling to think how a simple power outage can affect us. We’ve all experienced power failures, but let’s face it, when they occur we are completely disabled as a society. No power means no internet, no house phones and no street lights, hence all the things […]

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Walkie-talkie history: backpack radio

The History Of Walkie-Talkies And Two-Way Radios

At some point in every kid’s childhood, they have explored the many uses of a walkie-talkie and had a blast in doing so. When I say “kid”, what I really mean is anyone ages five to eighty-five really, as there is an endless list of uses for the device (child-play, hunting, work sites, communicating in […]

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Radio Antennas On Top Of A Mountain

All You Need To Know About NOAA Weather Radios

If are considering purchasing a weather radio, then you’ve probably heard of a NOAA weather radio. You may have been told to opt for one of these, and that is most certainly a good idea. But what is it? What does it do exactly? Why is it advantageous? For newbies planning on venturing out into […]

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Best VHF Marine Radios

Best VHF Marine Radios: Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

​Last updated: Mar. 28, 2017 If you’re a die-hard boating enthusiast, you will know how unpredictable and dangerous the weather can be. The sun-filled sky can suddenly turn into a dark, menacing one, and calm waters can instantly become the most treacherous with colossal, building-sized waves. The last thing you want is to be stuck […]

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