Walkie-talkie history: backpack radio

The History Of Walkie-Talkies And Two-Way Radios

At some point in every kid’s childhood, they have explored the many uses of a walkie-talkie and had a blast in doing so. When I say “kid”, what I really mean is anyone ages five to eighty-five really, as there is an endless list of uses for the device (child-play, hunting, work sites, communicating in […]

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Radio Antennas On Top Of A Mountain

All You Need To Know About NOAA Weather Radios

If are considering purchasing a weather radio, then you’ve probably heard of a NOAA weather radio. You may have been told to opt for one of these, and that is most certainly a good idea. But what is it? What does it do exactly? Why is it advantageous? For newbies planning on venturing out into […]

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Best VHF Marine Radios

Best VHF Marine Radios: Buyer’s Guide And Reviews

​Last updated: Mar. 28, 2017 If you’re a die-hard boating enthusiast, you will know how unpredictable and dangerous the weather can be. The sun-filled sky can suddenly turn into a dark, menacing one, and calm waters can instantly become the most treacherous with colossal, building-sized waves. The last thing you want is to be stuck […]

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Weather Radio

5 Vital Tips On How To Use A Weather Radio

If you have recently purchased a weather alert radio, then you’ve taken the first step in ensuring that you are safe while venturing out into areas prone to hazardous weather. Your next step is to know exactly what procedures to follow to guarantee that you know what to do if disaster strikes. Weather is a […]

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Woman communicating with a walkie-talkie

Walkie-Talkie Radio Etiquette: 13 Basic Tips To Get You Started

Walkie-talkies and two-way radios are used in a variety of scenarios, from summer camp staff to transportation. They can be an important part of your job, requiring you to relay messages to people outside your office space or location. Learning to communicate with proper lingo can be important, but more important is learning to communicate […]

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Best Weather Radio

Best Weather Radio 2018 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

​Last updated: Mar. 28, 2017 Unexpected weather phenomena can occur at any time without warning. No matter how accurate a weather forecast prediction may be, you never know what may happen. Those not alerted can fall victim to the devastating consequences of earth’s natural weather disasters. Therefore, an efficient weather radio is essential in ensuring […]

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Best Walkie-Talkie Apps

Best Walkie-Talkie Apps For Android And iPhone

When was the last time you laid your eyes on a walkie-talkie? Probably you cannot even recall. With instant messaging, SMS and a plethora of other communications tools that have come with the dawn of the smartphone age, you wonder why anyone would need a walkie-talkie.Walkie-talkies were once very popular and powerful tools of communication. […]

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Playing Capture The Flag

Fun Walkie-Talkie Games To Play

Walkie-talkies are used in our society for a variety of purposes, ranging from public safety to personal recreational use. Walkie-talkies are a great tool to have when communicating with friends and family, whether you are hiking through rugged terrain or playing a neighborhood game of capture the flag. There are several fun walkie-talkie games that […]

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Surveillance Man Talking On Walkie-Talkie

Walkie-Talkie Privacy Codes (CTCSS)

If you are in an area busy with other people using walkie-talkies, such as a ski resort, it can be difficult to find a clear channel to use for you and your friends. Privacy codes are a feature developed to overcome this problem. Privacy codes are just one name used for this particular feature, some […]

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Uniden Walkie-Talkies

Uniden Walkie-Talkies

​Last updated: Jan. 13, 2017If you search for the world’s leading companies that produce communication devices, you will definitely come across the name Uniden. The products from this company can be found in any market and are immensely popular around the globe. The Uniden walkie-talkies have some amazing features that will be perfect for you. […]

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