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What is Trunking

What Is Trunking? Trunked Radio Systems Explained

What Is Trunking? Trunked Radio Systems ExplainedOne of the most productive phenomena in technology since the advent of the Internet has been to adapt the network model to other eligible platforms. Ultimately, the packet switching network really isn’t much more complicated than the post office. Information is addressed at its origin and delivered to that […]

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Best Mobile Police Scanner

The Best Mobile Police Scanner 2019

Last updated: Mar. 12, 2018Mobile police scanners are installed into your vehicle so that you can listen while traveling. While there are many high-quality models on the market today, it’s important to compare features to find the best mobile police scanner for your personal needs. We created this guide with the intention of helping consumers find […]

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Best Police Scanner App

Best Police Scanner App for Android and iPhone

Police scanner apps have become popular in many societies with many people downloading and installing them on their smartphones. A police scanner can be a source of new adventures, since you will be able to ‘act as a police’ by accessing all the breaking news and listening to various feeds. Police scanners are meant to […]

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Police Officer Using Radio

Police Scanner Codes

Police scanner codes provide a quick and efficient way to get a message across. In the case of an emergency, there is no time to talk for ages on the radio while hoping that all information will be understood and noted by the receiver on the other end. As well as that, police scanners allow for […]

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Law Books And Gavel

Are Police Scanners Legal?

In general police scanners are legal and can be used, however, they must be utilized in certain ways that are not considered unlawful. It would be obvious to say that they cannot be used to assist in committing a crime. Drug dealers listening in on the position of the police in order to know if […]

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Police Scanner

What is a Police Scanner?

A police scanner is as communications receiver mainly used for monitoring VHF and UHF radio systems. Moreover, these scanners have the ability to store an immense amount of channels and can also tune in to various types of transmitting signals. Police scanners play a major role in journalism and criminal investigation and also allow individuals, […]

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