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Motorola MH230R

Motorola MH230R Review

The Motorola MH230R is an inexpensive walkie-talkie that is simple and easy to use but provides the same features as other two-way radios that are much more expensive. This is an all-around great product that is well worth the money. Continue reading our Motorola MH230R review to learn more about these excellent walkie-talkies.   Motorola MH230R Review Motorola is a […]

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Midland LXT600VP3

Midland LXT600VP3 Review

The Midland LXT600VP3 two-way radio is a solid product that will not disappoint when it comes to battery life and quality of sound. This is a great product for the price and is perfect for using outdoors, for example, while hunting. Continue reading our Midland LXT600VP3 review if you want to know more about these excellent walkie-talkies. […]

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Police Officer Using Radio

Radio Communication Codes For Walkie-Talkies

I think most people are familiar with the usage of radio codes in movies, who hasn’t heard some cop character utter the phrases “10-4” or “roger wilco”. In this article I will provide some background so you can use these radio communication codes with your own walkie-talkie. Radio communication codes are used to clarify, simplify and […]

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Midway GXT 1050VP4

Midland GXT 1050VP4 Review

The Midland GXT 1050VP4 walkie-talkies are one of the best walkie-talkies on the market today, especially for outdoor usage. They have excellent range and battery life, are weatherproof, support weather channels and alerts and come with a vehicle charging adapter and two hands-free (VOX) capable headsets. Continue reading our Midland GXT 1050VP4 review if you want to […]

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